Our Approach to Wellness

WildHeart Wellness is an attitude, a way of looking at the world to help high-achievers in business, sports, and life change the way they age. We are revolutionizing wellness to help you live powerfully with purpose. Our approach is to transform your diet, habits, sleep, exercise and ultimately the efficiency and performance of your DNA itself to create a blueprint for rethinking wellness.

Our Guiding Principle

The gut is your marvelous powerhouse. It’s the key to good health, longevity, and better brain connectivity. Without good gut health, you are putting your body at risk of illness and disease. At WildHeart Wellness, you will feel and live better so you can continue doing all of the things you enjoy.

“At first, I was skeptical about the theory of WildHeart Wellness - of gut, brain, and microbiome health being so interconnected and vital. But I found the results radical. I have regained that feeling I had as a college athlete where I know my body and mind is at full potential.”

Larry Green, Pharmaceutical Executive/ Former College Athlete

Culinary Education

Do you get everything you can out of your body? If not, do you wish you could dance, run, or excel mentally the way you used to? If you believe age is the barrier to allowing you to continue doing the things you love, you may be surprised to learn that it’s not your age holding you back.

Our life-changing WildHeart Wellness Educational Course will help you understand your unique health profile and develop nutritional strategies that heal your body by treating the issues rather than the symptoms.


Hear our clients' stories...

  • Cancer

    My doctors gave me “no hope” as I had stage 4 cancer. Ann saved my life when I was going through a health crisis. She helped me take on the mindset that it would be a journey, a new adventure, and that together, we would get through it. She coordinated my care so that even the anesthesiologist had a huge part in my recovery. I was up and walking the same day I had major surgery... my family couldn't believe I even had the surgery!

    Today, a healthy 5 years later, I still follow Ann’s advice and have sent her many referrals. She makes health a fun adventure. And believe me, it turned out to be the adventure of a lifetime. I reconnected with my ex-husband and our love rekindled. We re-married at the start of my journey over 5 years ago.

    I challenge you to take the adventure of a lifetime… a health adventure with WildHeart Strong. I dare you to become a WildHeart Warrior like me. I’m 70 years old now and going stronger than ever and running 3 businesses. So, I challenge you to be more, be stronger, be healthier.

    Anna Morris, Lancaster County, PA
  • Psoriasis
    For so many years I struggled with psoriasis which caused frequent infections. I would also wake up several times a night and never felt rested in the morning. I would go to work exhausted and drag myself home to take care of my family. Then I started with WildHeart Wellness. I had my symptoms, genetics, and lab work reviewed. Now just following my practitioner’s lifestyle recommendations, I am sleeping deeper and my psoriasis symptoms have resolved.
  • Asthma
    Thank you, WildHeart Wellness Team for finding the genetic connection to my asthma and digestive tract issues. Since childhood, I have struggled with solutions offering short-lived success. Wow! You made it so clear and so simple to feel great. And to think, you found a rare gene that means I don’t have the best lining on my lungs - so asthma has had its disease in my family tree way back. But now, I know what to do. Thanks for being awesome.
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