Who We Serve

Are you a worn-down executive, business owner, or athlete?

We've personalized our holistic approach to vitality for a specific type of person - the high achiever who has lost a step and wants to regain it.

At first I was skeptical about the theory of WildHeart Wellness - of gut, brain, and microbiome health being so interconnected and vital. But I found the results radical. I have regained that feeling I had as a college athlete where I know my body and mind is at full-potential.

Larry Green, Pharmaceutical executive, former college basketball player

Guiding Principle

Your Gut Health is Crucial

Have you had, "I wish I could do that or feel that again" moment? We're here to let you seize on that moment and turn it into action.

The gut is your marvelous powerhouse, it's the key to good health, longevity, and better brain connectivity.

Ann L Johnson, founder of WildHeart Wellness

Educational Course

Do you get everything you can out of your body? If not, do you wish you could just dance, climb, or run the way you used to?

Book the life-changing WildHeart Wellness Educational Course to understand your unique health profile and develop nutritional strategies that treat the issue rather than symptoms.

The Book

The DNA of Hope offers you a deep exploration of reversing aging and illness.

It explains the role that hope has to play, down to the molecular level. It also lets you better understand the science and philosophy behind our practice and decide if it's right for you.

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