"... make a first appointment with Ann Johnson, and you will find the hope and the support you have been looking for"

Ann is the first medical professional that has given me hope, I feel like I am a client on that show called, “House”, where they keep running tests until they find out what is causing the issues, and that is exactly what Ann and Rita, and their team does. So far I have gotten off Botox for my migraines, I never thought that would happen, my depression that takes so much from me, I found out my body only gives me 10% of the happy chemicals in the body, but there is a way to fix it. There is soo soo much more that they are helping me with, but I won’t go into all of it. All I have to say, take a chance on yourself and make a first appointment with Ann Johnson, and you will find the hope and the support you have been looking for


About WildHeart Wellness

WildHeart Wellness is a transformational
functional health clinic

Our beginnings are in Wild Heart Strong, founded in 2011 as a functional practice that helps high-achievers change the way they age.

The name WildHeart Wellness comes from our pioneering research on health existing at the DNA level, expressed in what we call the "Younitype".

In 2013, Younitype© was founded to educate clients about DNA, genes, and personalized biochemistry. Younitype, the name, captures the power of genes in what scientists call our genotype and the performance of those genes, called our phenotype. You have the power to boost your performance and empower some genes to work for you.

Our goal is to rewrite the last half of our clients' life stories. Our vision is a world where people discard fear of aging for a brave, fierce embrace of aging. We also believe everyone should be able to recapture the unique feeling of high-performance and achievement easily realized in athletic youth.

Our mission is to guide you on your journey towards supreme, complete, holistic health, recapturing the fierce embrace of life, your body, and your experience of the world.

How do we make this all happen? By finding in you what we value in all of our clients: your passion, power, and purpose.

"Your Passion, Power, and Purpose"

Our Approach

Everything starts with Hope
from the very first consultation at our clinic

Our approach is to transform your diet, habits, sleep, exercise - ultimately, the efficiency and performance of your DNA itself. This happens on a cellular level throughout your body.

But to get there, you need hope – and that's where we start.

Engagements begin with an in-depth interview and intake consultation conducted by our founder Ann L Johnson. Her support staff, the "A Team", will help facilitate your visit to the our clinic and help you get the most out of it.

WildHeart Wellness clients report that this consultation is unlike any other. The analysis begins not from, "how have you been feeling lately" - the typical approach. Instead, it begins from your birth, or even before it, and progresses through your entire life. It evaluates and accounts for every kind of significant environmental, health, psychological event that has had an impact on your health.

Why? Why dive so deep into the early years of our clients?

Because we believe that your entire history shapes who you are. Not just figuratively, but literally, shapes your phenotype, alters the way your cells manifest and communicate, and creates your entire physiology.

We believe that you can re-create that physiology by identifying your ideal Younitype. It takes a lot of work to get there. It also takes structure - we provide a structured process for transforming your life on a day to day. basis, from the way you sleep to the way you eat, to the way you think.

This is a journey into your 8 powers of our clients, including a personalized plan to optimize those triggers.

We personalize by matching your 8-power optimization plan to your specific genetic, biochemical and lifestyle information. This is a lifelong tactical strategy for optimal health.

And it all starts on the day 1 consultation when you regain hope.

To build on the strong health her clients achieve, Ann leads WildHeartStrong adventures that transform daily lives. This includes providing exhilarating, instructive, and awe-inspiring experiences that many clients have only dreamed about. Everything from snorkeling and scuba diving in the Caribbean to an International Space Station visit are potential WildHeart Strong adventures.

Engagements typically last 3 to 12 months.