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Ann Johnson

IFMCP, RN, Owner

Gina M

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Founder's Bio

Ann L Johnson's lifelong mission to understand health starts from her own childhood and has continued by understanding others

For Ann, just being here is a miracle: she was one of only three children who lived after her parents’ first nine children died immediately after birth. She grew up with two driving passions: the outdoors, where she always felt at home; and science. Ann wanted to know why she had survived while those other children had died.

She wanted to discover what causes people to get sick or to be healthy.

This led Ann to a career in healthcare - for 40 years she worked as a registered nurse, on both sides of the emergency room, from preventive to reactive care.

During her nursing career, however, Ann continued to pursue health questions, leading to her second career as a health coach and functional medicine practitioner.

Ann's practice now incorporates cutting-edge scientific research in molecular biology and biochemistry with practical functional medicine principles. This approach calls for mental and emotional fitness and results in personalized health plans for clients of any age and fitness level.

The culmination of Ann's life work is her book, The DNA of Hope, available on Amazon in Kindle, hardback, and paperback for those who want to learn more about how they can transform their health.


Hear what our clients have to say...

  • Haleh Damavandi
    I never realized the shared power of our muscles, emotions, and mitochondria. So, when I heard you speak, this was not only new information to me but your presentation of it was unique. It got my attention that’s for sure. I still remember the Chinese proverb you quoted “If you want the energy of 10 tigers, breathe well” and how you related breathing, muscles, emotions, and mitochondria as the cell’s energy source. Since I teach athletes how to be even higher performers, I find your insight about the connection between breath-soaring energy-sleep fabulous and very visual. Thanks for helping push more power, strength, and energy into the wings of our high-performing athletes.
    Haleh Damavandi
    High-Performance Psycho-Therapist and Coach
  • BAM
    Ann and her team at WildHeart Wellness assisted me through a time in my life when I was facing something completely out of my realm. They coached and supported me on nutrition, supplements, and the power of lifestyle adjustments. Experience this for yourself. I recommend the WildHeart Wellness team - investigative functional medicine - not just a business - they go beyond to strengthen you for life advantage and adventures. Ann, WildHeart Wellness creator, is a woman before her time. She is well researched and admired by her peers. And her team truly mirrors that.
  • PM Madrid, Spain
    WildHearts Wellness’ strengthening program changed my life…I was at the ocean on an adventure but in a deep depression. I was stuck in life and didn't know where to go but your program and snorkeling, hiking, and the “discovery of the shell” changed my life! It was as if the lid was opened and I saw myself emerging. I started to feel again. Yes, that’s it, I started to feel again. Now that I’m home I’ve kept up with the schedule we created on and I’ve changed the way I talk with others. This trip opened me up and my relationship with my husband is stronger. I have already lost 8 pounds and 2 inches on my waist and got into my new jeans! But what I want you to hear is that my depression melted away and the treasure of sleep has returned. Your program did what 15 years of counseling couldn't. Thank you for the freedom!”
    PM Madrid, Spain
  • GMM
    Thank you, WildHeart Wellness Team for finding the genetic connection to my asthma, sleep, and digestive issues. Since childhood, I have struggled with Asthma and treatments that offered short-lived success. You made it so clear and so simple to feel great. And to think you found a rare gene that means I don’t have the best lining on my lungs - so asthma has fingerprints with disease in my family tree way back…but now I know what to do. No asthma for 2 years now and sleep is healing. Thanks for being awesome.
  • GDE
    I used to wake up a few times a night and never felt well-rested when I woke up. After addressing the nutrient deficiencies and listening to what my body needs, I am sleeping better and more productive at work. WildHeart Wellness you restored my energy so I can live my adventures for life!
  • Paul W.
    I started running in my 50s and now that I am in my 80s I felt the strain and toll that activity had placed on my body, especially my knees. WildHeart Wellness educated me on how the right diet can be an effective tool to help heal and repair my body vs relying on medications to treat ailments. Learning how to shop for and eat the right foods has allowed me to continue to be active and live strong. I am proud to say at 83, I am independent, active, with no health issues, and in the top 1% for physical and emotional health scores. In fact, I just came back from climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and my next goal is to run the Sahara sands next year, barefoot, like I run the beaches of the world. I dare you to step up and be healthier and stronger.
    Paul W.
  • S.A. in PA
    I was constantly tired to the point where it was negatively impacting my life, which you wouldn’t think possible at the age of 17. Thanks to WildHeart Wellness, I learned that my mitochondria were not working properly which is why I was constantly exhausted. They started me on a corrective food and supplement plan. Since making these changes I am feeling better and able to sleep well for the first time in years. With the additional sleep, my grades and ability to focus and learn have improved. Thanks so much for your help and thoughtfulness.
    S.A. in PA
  • I have known Ann Louise Johnson for years and she has helped me through multiple health problems. Our most recent triumph was weaning me off a harmful drug I have been taking for 30 years and finding a natural solution to help me sleep through her DNA of HOPE driven system. Because I live far away Ann started me on her home Neuro Feedback program which is a huge success bringing me hours of restorative sleep. My husband and I are thrilled!
    PT Tshibaka