WildHeart Wellness was born with this Vision

Through education, we will empower you to live a healthy, vibrant, and fulfilled life.

We are a leading provider of Investigative Functional Medicine Wellness services and education, providing new, exciting, cutting-edge, and research-based opportunities to recapture wellness and our WildHeart nature.  We believe a WildHeart can live adventures lifelong so we teach to age fiercely, not gracefully. Wellness takes work, passion, and support. We provide these for our Team and our clients. All of us are loving this journey.

Looking ahead we are expanding our brand globally building on our strength of innovation, passion, purpose, service, and support to bring positive change to the communities in which we work and live.

A part of our manifesto we will share with you

  1. Brands must become architects of community. We want to build and support wellness in communities. Our goal is to reach 1,000 people to teach 1,000 people to be well again. Repeat…And Repeat…And Repeat…………   …We are fearless in this pursuit.
  2. Technology is teaching us to be human again. And we use technology to investigate clues that create illness and disease in the first place.  Then we find a pathway, a map back to wellness, and support clients to walk that path and share this knowledge with others.  We do what others don’t…we go the extra mile for each other on our team and for our clients.
  3. The future of profit is purpose. The purpose is our power and our passion.  This passion takes courage and we find courage in our clients and Team fighting fiercely to get well again.  Courage is the two-way path of sharing for WildHearts.


So welcome.  As we move forward with our growth strategy we will continue to be a positive force for wellness in our communities, sharing knowledge and innovation. 

We are incredibly excited about this WildHeart journey and believe the best is yet to come.

Welcome, WildHearts!


With Marvel, Joy, and Honor

The WIldHeart Wellness Team