Is your SLEEP a Waiting … Waiting Game?

Learn to AIM & TAME Your Sleep, NOW

Imagine putting your head on your pillow and waking up with incredible life-changing energy and power again.

Is great sleep the long sought after “fountain of youth?”  Is it right inside of you all this time?  

Join me on my program: The Circadian Compass ™

  • Learn the new biology of sleep..
  • Explore your sleep challenges- those thieves stealing your sleep.
  • Discover your sleep treasures – and these will surprise you
  • Find how to MAP your Sleep  
  • Start developing your LIFELINE of SUPPORT for sleep after the education session. 
  • Analyze your MAP for ways to FIX sleep
  • Fix sleep challenges:  a 6-point guide to doing this
  • Fix: TIPS for bedtime hour, foods before bed, sleep time, awake during night, awake fatigued….
  • Discussion on advanced and delayed sleep and what to do.
  • Explore the Circadian Compass ™: light, genes, brain, adrenals, gut, vagus nerve impacts
  • Activate the gut TIPS for sleep and gut challenges.  Circadian Compass ™frameworks and strategies Foods and Circadian Compass ™
  • Be Fearless: learn how to start managing fear of sleep – as in insomnia, PTSD, and brain impacts from sleep fear
  • Use the Circadian Compass ™ to help family and others start to sleep better.
  • Food is information to our genes and critical for sleep: sofood preparation, fast prep and cooking challenges and answers, recipes for you Circadian Compass ™
Schedule : Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: ZOOM:  4PM ET, 3PM CT, 2PM CT and 1PM PT

Tuesday is Nutrition and Culinary.  Wednesday and Thursday are Education, discussions and questions.  All sessions recorded. 

A full calendar will be available with topics and discussions by Sept 11, 2022

Soon you can aim and tame your sleep power. It is all laid out in The Circadian Compass ™ System.

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