Why Gut Health is Important

Gut health is more than a buzzword, it’s a crucial part of your body’s overall wellness. Gut health describes the function and balance of food breakdown supported by trillions of bacteria within your gastrointestinal tract. To achieve optimal gut health, it’s essential that your organs all work together to support eating and digesting food without negative side effects. Poor gut health leads to illness, which leads to disease.

WildHeart Wellness offers a comprehensive Gut Wellness program to examine the health of your gut and develop a plan to help you take control of your gut health so you can live a happier and longer life.

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Restore Your Gut Health

Our body is filled with bacteria, viruses, and fungi – known as the microbiome. While some bacteria are associated with disease, the body also has good bacteria. Through the WildHeart Wellness Gut Wellness program we examine, educate, and partner with you on how to restore your healthy bacteria, which builds immune cells that fight off infection and illness that leads to disease. Surprisingly, these same bacteria work with your digestion to breakdown foods. Without the 10,000 enzymes made by these bacteria you cannot digest food. They live with us so we can live better.

Signs of Poor Gut Health

  • Lack or Loss of Appetite
  • Excessive Appetite
  • Bloating
  • Pain with Digestion
  • Arm or Leg Swelling after Meals
  • Coughing During or After Meals
  • Sleep Issues
  • Nausea
  • Constipation/Diarrhea
  • Food Fears
  • Low energy
  • Anxiety
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The Gut Wellness Plan

We offer three levels to help move you from a poor gut to a healthy gut, with each level building on the previous level. And since Gut Wellness is impacted by every forkful of food, we’ve incorporated a variety of Culinary Education with each level.

Our Functional Medicine Gut Wellness program includes the following:

  • Consultation and personal history review with Functional Medicine Practitioner, Ann Johnson
  • Identify the current state of gut health
  • Development of a personalized plan to improve gut health
  • Introduction to our Culinary Education Heal with a Meal© program
  • Programs range from 3 months to 12 months and beyond
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Hear our clients' stories...

  • S.A. in PA
    I was constantly tired to the point where it was negatively impacting my life, which you wouldn’t think possible at the age of 17. Thanks to WildHeart Wellness, I learned that my mitochondria were not working properly which is why I was constantly exhausted. They started me on a corrective food and supplement plan. Since making these changes I am feeling better and able to sleep well for the first time in years. With the additional sleep, my grades and ability to focus and learn have improved. Thanks so much for your help and thoughtfulness.
    S.A. in PA
  • Breathing Easier
    Thank you, WildHeart Wellness Team for finding the genetic connection to my asthma and digestive tract issues. Since childhood, I have struggled with solutions offering short-lived success. Wow! You made it so clear and so simple to feel great. And to think, you found a rare gene that means I don’t have the best lining on my lungs - so asthma has had its disease in my family tree way back. But now, I know what to do. Thanks for being awesome.
    Breathing Easier
  • Power, Strength, & Energy

    I never realized the shared power of our muscles, emotions, and mitochondria. So, when I heard you speak, this was not only new information to me but your presentation of it was unique - it got my attention.

    I still remember the Chinese proverb you quoted “If you want the energy of 10 tigers, breathe well.” And how you related breathing, muscles, emotions, and mitochondria - the cell’s energy source. And who will ever forget the beautiful story of mighty little mitochondria who could, and did, transform the life of the cell into high-performance living?

    Since I teach athletes how to be even better performers, I find your insights about connections between breath and soaring energy to be fabulous and very visual.

    Thanks for helping push more power, strength, and energy into the wings of our high-performing athletes.

    Power, Strength, & Energy
    Haleh Damavandi, High-Performance Psycho-Therapist, and Coach
  • Life-Changing Advice

    I remember my first appointment with Ann and that her teaching points were poignant. She taught me that:

    1. The gut is way more important than I ever knew.
    2. What I eat matters.
    3. What I think matters even more as my gut “feels” what I feel.
    4. My 2,000 mitochondria in every cell are the micro-digesters of my food down into very small molecules. If they don’t work, I don’t work.
    5. My micro-digesters are my micro-shields (I love that visual), fighting for me and I didn't even know they existed. Now I know how to boost them with the right foods.

    Through testing at WildHeart Wellness I found out my mitochondria were not working well. Now with a corrective food and supplement plan, I am starting to feel better for the first time in years.

    Ann took the time to peel back the layers of the onion [my health journey] until we got to the ones that matter most.

    Life-Changing Advice
    Sarah S., Lancaster, PA Certified Physician Assistant