Service Overview | Brain Mapping

Evoke Brain Map

The eVox Brain Map uses functional neuroimaging to measure and analyze the electrical activity in your brain. This advanced system integrates self-reporting, heart metrics, neuroimaging, response measures, and brain speed into a blueprint for healthier brain function. This non-invasive test can detect biomarkers for challenges with memory, cognition, and attention. The eVox report can improve your individual plan for brain health.

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Service Overview | Brain Mapping

Quantitative Electroencephalography

Quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG) is a non-invasive procedure that measures and records EEG activity and processes it through a computer interface. This test is painless and can help our practitioners assess brain function as well as track cognitive changes over time.

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Service Overview | Labs

Advanced Testing

Here at WildHeart Wellness Inc, we go deeper with our comprehensive testing services. Traditional lab services are often limited and do not give you the answers you need. Our personalized approach identifies root cause for health challenges. Not only do we explain your result, but we also work with you to customize a treatment plan. We offer a wide range of tests including hormone analysis, neural analysis, gut microbiome health, and more.

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Hear our clients' stories...

  • Depression

    Ann took me on an unforgettable WildHearted adventure that cracked through my deep depression and sadness. I started to feel again. I discovered the little child in me that enjoys fun and laughter. Our adventure to the ocean changed my life. I never saw ocean waves lapping or heard roaring as they hit the shore. It was like music that awakened my heart and mind. I felt the ocean pulsing in my heart and singing to my mind. I smiled with happiness; a deep emotion I have not felt for decades. A smile so deep that Ann said I was radiant.

    We drove three hours for this adventure and she saved my life. I highly recommend her clinic and team and thank them for all they have done for me.

    MAF, Lancaster County, PA
  • Concussion

    Two years ago, I fell 18 feet onto a cement floor. Unconscious, I was found hours later and helicoptered to a large hospital. After years of depression, insomnia, and no help, my mom took me to WildHeart Wellness. Ann’s team did an evoke brain scan and found the areas injured still present after all this time. Therapy included a unique laser to kill bacteria and also decrease inflamed tissue. We did a series of laser therapy, along with supplements to help me sleep better and restore my brain’s kinked nerves. (I didn’t know this happens when you hit your head hard.)

    Now I’m stronger, no longer depressed, and my brain fog is gone. I am back to my life and going on adventures again. Thanks to the WildHeart Wellness team. Your program works!