Personalized Culinary Education
to Improve Gut Health

Gut health starts with your shopping list, grocery cart, and the foods you stock in your pantry. Your choices, habits, motivation, support, and community are all primary factors in your health and ultimately determine the state of your gut.

One of the core principles of the WildHeart Wellness approach to functional medicine is attaining the best gut health possible. We believe healing your gut begins with examining how your body breaks down nutrients and addressing any food sensitivities. Your microbiome, or the trillions of bacterial “critters” within you can heal if in balance. Often, changing your diet is the key to gut health. By listening to your gut and making dietary changes you can live healthier, stronger, longer.

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Heal with a Meal©

Our culinary educational instruction begins with our proprietary program – Heal with a Meal, where our culinary artist guides you through the process, one step at a time.

Through the Heal with a Meal program and our one-on-one consulting, you will learn the steps and the structure behind making healthier choices. It all starts in our kitchen where you have access to delicious nutritious meals, that are free from gluten, dairy, and processed ingredients.

With our Culinary Immersion course, we mentor you to teach you how to heal your body with the foods your body needs to operate at an optimal level.

  • Learn how to shop, prepare, cook, and serve meals that heal
  • Get organizational strategies that make the gut healing process seamless
  • Understand the secret behind power digestion
  • Select the right foods based on your metabolism, DNA, and genes
  • Get access to exclusive videos, sharing recipes, cooking tips, and kitchen organization to help set you up for success
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Oh, you don’t cook? You’ll be amazed each day with your progress. Here’s what one of our clients had to say:

I used to burn everything. Then I took the immersion course and fell in love with food. Gina, Culinary Artist, took my raw skills and cultivated a person who can cook for a family - me! I don’t burn things anymore and Gina steps aside now and just smiles. My energy is soaring. A few hours in the kitchen and I’m energized. Cooking food well really is a healing art.

Hear our clients' stories...

  • Paul W.
    WildHeart Wellness educated me on how the right diet can be an effective tool to help heal and repair my body vs relying on medications to treat ailments. Learning how to shop for and eat the right foods has allowed me to continue to be active and live strong.
    Paul W.
  • Gaining Control Over my Weight

    Before working with, WildHeart Wellness, I struggled with my weight, not being motivated to do anything, and being constantly tired. Once I found out about the 5 co-infections (Lyme-related) and my low-functioning thyroid, I was put on supplements and medications. I have never felt better. I also joined the detox program at WildHeart Wellness and lost ten pounds and I feel awesome.

    I’m so glad I learned this so I could detox before pregnancy. I am so thankful that they have gone above and beyond to get my health to shift for the better.

    Gaining Control Over my Weight
  • Training for Surgery

    When I needed surgery, Ann coached me through real-life meal changes, supplement use, and incorporating an exercise regimen to be in great health to recover quickly from my surgery. She also organized my family and friends to assist with the exercises and with the proper preparation of organic meals.

    Ann develops and shares a unique formula that speeds health and recovery.

    I came through the surgery with amazing health and strength. The nurses could not believe how well I did!

    Training for Surgery
    Rita Rhoads Reed, Masters of Public Health, Certified Nurse Practitioner, Certified Nurse Midwife, Quarryville, PA